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Five Buddha Families Bracelet

Five Buddha Families Bracelet

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Our Five Dhyani Buddha Bracelet features finely etched, flat Tibetan silver beads bound together with intricate knots of strong cotton cord.

Each octagonal charm features a unique depiction of the five Dhyani buddhas, also known as the Five Wisdom Buddhas, performing different mudras. These 5 Buddhas symbolize different aspects of enlightenment. 

The reverse side of each charm also features the visva vajra (double dorje)- a ritual symbol of protection and spiritual strength. The shape of the beads is also significant, as octagons are seen to ward off negative energies and welcome positive ones.

The 5 Dhyani Buddhas are:

  1. Akshobhya: "Unshakable"
  2. Amitabha: "Infinite Light"
  3. Amoghasiddhi: "Unfailing Success"
  4. Ratnasambhava: "Born of Jewels"
  5. Vairochana: "Great Illuminator"


Materials: Tibetan silver, cotton cord

Size: Fits all sizes. 7/8" w. Expands from 7 1/4" to 9 1/4."

Made in Nepal.

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