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Spiritual Snow Globe

Spiritual Snow Globe

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Cairn Snow Globe

Cairns span the full spectrum of design, from the simplistically rustic to the carefully cultivated. Regardless of their design, their countenance is always impressive: the pile of stones craning toward the sky. Their dramatic appearance is perfectly representative of their purpose. Historically, cairns were used in an emotional pre-war ceremony in Scotland. An eyebrow-raising protagonist for a snow globe? Maybe. Compelling and provocative? Absolutely.

Gold Buddha Snow Globe

The Buddha. What can one say about the Buddha?
His spirit has journeyed through the world for over two millennia.
Poets have celebrated him. Writers retell the story of his soul's journey. In his honor we have illuminated him with golden light and wish that compassion and kindness find all who gaze upon him.
This is one of our favorite globes.


Crystal Buddha Snow Globe

Our gold Buddha has been so popular we have reincarnated it — this time in new form and clearly exquisite. Showered in silver.


Total measurements: 4" W x 4"L x 5"H (10 cm W x 10 cm L x 12.5 cm H)

Glass globe: 4" diameter (10cm)

All globes feature a Piano Black base.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Gift

I purchased this for a Christmas gift for the man in my life, and I was so impressed when I received it! He really loved it too. It's a perfect size and very elegant to display.