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Heart Sutra Bracelet

Heart Sutra Bracelet

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Heart Sutra Mantra

gate, gate
paragate, parasamgate
bodhi svaha

The Heart Sutra, also know as the Prajna Paramita Sutra or the Perfection of Wisdom, is the essence of the Buddha's teaching on "emptiness," or the manner in which things truly exist. This sutra is chanted daily in monasteries and practice centers throughout the world.

This finely engraved sterling silver möbius bangle bracelet is 1/4" at the widest point, and 8 1/2" around. Made in the USA.

Please note: this bracelet is a bangle with no opening and must slide over your hand onto your wrist. We recommend that you cut a piece of paper 8" to measure your hand and wrist prior to ordering.

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