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Mahakala, Bone & Bodhi Seed Mala Beads Set

Mahakala, Bone & Bodhi Seed Mala Beads Set


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If you're looking for an impressive, stately mala set, look no farther than our Mahakala, Bone & Bodhi Seed Mala Beads.

Large dark bodhi seed beads are strung along durable black string, accented with disc-shaped yak bone marker beads, and finished with a Mahakala bone bone bead in this substantial mala necklace and bracelet set.

The Buddha is believed to have attainted enlightenment while meditating underneath a Bodhi tree, so the seeds of the plant are believed to be sacred tools for reaching one's own enlightenment.

Mahakala is a fierce and wrathful protector buddha. He is a relentless guardian who eliminates evil spirits, negative energy, and all that which threatens the teachings of Buddha.

Yak bone beads are sacred in Tibetan Buddhism, where they are emblematic of the cycle of death and rebirth (samsara) and the concept of impermanence.


Wrist mala: 2.5" diameter. Stretchy; one size fits most.

Neck mala: 19" long.

12mm beads.

Handmade in Nepal.

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