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REMIX Crocodile Jasper Face Tool

REMIX Crocodile Jasper Face Tool

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The REMIX Crocodile Jasper Face Tool is a magic wand when it comes to beauty and facial tools!

Inspired by the ancient Chinese beauty practice of gua sha infused with a bit of reflexology, this beauty wand helps to quell physical and spiritual ailments from anxiety to muscle tension and encourage blood and energy flows in the face. Incorporate this one-of-a-kind beauty tool into your wellness routine to open up a more relaxed, rejuvenated side of yourself.


  • Handmade in Madagascar
  • Made of crocodile (kambaba) jasper- a stone known for its protective, calming, and grounding qualities.
  • Given the nature of natural stones, each tool is unique. Slight variations in color, shape, and size are to be expected.
  • $1 from each RE:WAND purchase will be donated to the AAPI fund.

Also available is the REMIX Merlinite Body Tool.

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