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REMIX Merlinite Body Tool

REMIX Merlinite Body Tool

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The REMIX Merlinite Body Tool is a magic wand of self-care and meditation. It combines crystal energy with the power of acupressure to ease tensions and calm a restless mind. 

The body wand's unique oval shape is specially designed to gather your life-force energy (Qi), and direct it to problem areas and pressure points for relief of a number of ailments. This crystal body tool helps to calm stress, soothe headaches, improve sleep and digestion, ease neck and shoulder tension, relieve nausea, quell hangovers, and more. 


  • Handmade in Madagascar
  • Made of mystic merlinite, a crystal that balances all the chakras, and can help lead your intuition toward what you seek to manifest.
  • Given the nature of natural stones, each tool is unique. Slight variations in color, shape, and size are to be expected.
  • $1 from each RE:WAND purchase will be donated to the AAPI fund.

Also available is the REMIX Crocodile Jasper Face Tool.

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