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REMIX Pearl Powder Face Wash

REMIX Pearl Powder Face Wash

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Like a window to the soul, Eastern medicine believes that the face "opens up" to the inner spirit (shen). By caring for the skin of your face, you are in turn caring for your soul within.

The heavenly blend of essential oils like tangerine, black spruce, and rosemary in this REMIX Pearl Powder Face Wash allows for a glowing complexion that radiates beauty from the inside. These ingredients not only create a wonderfully scented cleansing experience and add a bit of tingle to the cleanser, they also have energizing and soothing properties.

The magic comes from pure seawater pearl powder infused in every bottle. This key ingredient is popular in Asian skincare for its ability to create supple, glowing skin. 

Perfectly silky and gentle enough for both day and night use, this potion will transform your skin and quickly become a staple in your daily skincare and wellness routines.



  • 100 ML in glass bottle w/ a twist-off cap.
  • Ingredients: essential oils of tangerine, black spruce, rosemary & blood orange water essence, organic castile soap, & pearl powder.
  • Made exclusively using organic, wild-harvested, or selective essential oils.
  • For day or night use.
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