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Tara's Mantra Helix Necklace, Emerald, 14k gold

Tara's Mantra Helix Necklace, Emerald, 14k gold

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"As for myself," Tara said
"as long as samsara remains,
I will always return in female form
to benefit all beings."
— the legend of Green Tara

The mantra of Green Tara, engraved in sacred Lantsa script, winds its way along a spiraling helix of polished sterling silver and culminates in a beam of emerald light. Lantsa is the ancient Sanskrit script reserved for mantras and sacred Buddhist texts.

Made in the USA. Helix pendant is 1/4" w x 2 1/4" l. 14k gold with a specially fitted 18" chain. Precious emerald is 2 pt. Designed especially for Green Tara practitioners.

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