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The Eight Auspicious Sign Bracelet

The Eight Auspicious Sign Bracelet

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This stunning silver cuff bracelet is engraved with detailed images of the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism (Ashtamangala).

The Eight Auspicious symbols represent auspiciousness, bringing of good fortunes, prosperity, and abundance. On the top is the sacred mantra “Om Ah Hung”, representing body, mind, and speech, which corresponds to the three focal Chakra points of our body.

The 8 Auspicious Symbols:

  1. Dharma Wheel

  2. Lotus Flower

  3. Endless Knot

  4. Parasol/ Umbrella

  5. Victory Banner

  6. Treasure Vase

  7. 2 Golden Fish

  8. Conch Shell


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