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Turquoise & Brass Tibetan Vajra

Turquoise & Brass Tibetan Vajra

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The vajra is a spiritual weapon and tool sacred to Vajrayana Buddhism and Hinduism. The word "vajra" means both "diamond" and "thunderbolt" in Sanskrit. A Tibetan vajra is known as a "dorje".

The Buddhist vajra weapon symbolizes the masculine principle (upaya), strength, and wisdom. It is a Tantric symbol of the absolute, beyond opposition, the Three Jewels, and the union of the spiritual and material world.

Our Turquoise & Brass Tibetan Vajra can be placed on your home altar to be incorporated in your meditation rituals. It is made of sturdy solid brass with carved axes and turquoise and coral stone detailing at its center.


Size: 4.5" L x 1.5" W (at widest point)

Materials: Brass, turquoise, coral

Handmade in Nepal.

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