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Turquoise Mani Prayer Wheel

Turquoise Mani Prayer Wheel


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The Turquoise Mani Prayer Wheel is a colorful and symbolic addition to any spiritual space. It features turquoise stone inlay with coral and lapis details on a brass and copper frame. The top of this prayer wheel spinner can be removed to reveal a roll over paper printed with the compassion mantra, which is also inscribed on the outside of the wheel.

Buddhist prayer wheels are cylindrical objects, typically made of wood and/ or metal, with prayers or mantras inscribed on them. They are a significant element of worship in Tibetan Buddhism, where they are known as "mani wheels". By spinning the wheel, the inscribed prayer is spread out into the world. This helps to bring the user good karma while spreading the positive energies and effects of the inscribed mantra to the world.


Size: 8" tall. 4" wide at base.

Materials: Turquoise, coral, lapis lazuli, brass, copper.


Handmade in Nepal.
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