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Yak Bone Disc-Shaped Mala

Yak Bone Disc-Shaped Mala

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This extraordinary mala features handmade disc-shaped yak bone beads, 2 shell marker beads, a green turquoise marker bead, a metal bell charm, and vajra mala counter charm.

Yak bone is a precious material in Tibet- particularly to its rural population who rely on the animal's many resources in all most all aspects of survival. The majority of the country's population are followers of Tibetan Buddhism and have, over the centuries, integrated materials from the precious yak into not just their day-to-day lives, but their religious traditions as well.

Yak bone malas are a treasured religious tool that the Tibetan people craft as a way to remind themselves to be thankful for all they have been given by the yaks, express compassion toward the animal's death, and to acknowledge the cycle of life and the concept of impermanence (anicca).


Materials: Yak bone, conch shell, turquoise, metal

Size: Yak bone beads are 12mm diameter


Click here to learn more about the ethics of yak bone malas.

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