Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls have been used in spiritual and healing ceremonies for millennia. The ethereal sounds that they produce have the potential to heal our physical bodies while encouraging us to relax and let go of stress. 

These singing bowls enable us to go deeper into meditation, creating more profound connections with ourselves, others, and the universe. 

Why do singing bowls make different sounds?

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Tibetan singing bowls are forged using a combination of alloys. Each singing bowl usually contains between five and seven different precious metals. Each of the metals is linked to a specific heavenly body in our solar system

  • Lead is connected to Saturn.
  • Tin is connected to Jupiter.
  • Iron is connected to Mars.
  • Copper is connected to Venus.
  • Mercury is connected to Mercury.
  • Silver is connected to the Moon.
  • Gold is connected to the Sun.

Each singing bowl has a slightly different sound depending on its size, shape, and the ratio of alloys used to make it. It can also emit different sounds when used along with different accessories. Strikers are used to strike the bowl to create a sound, while wooden mallets can be used to run along the outside of the bowl. Different carvings around the outside of the bowl will make different sounds when a mallet is run around the rim of the bowl. 

A singing bowl does not have only one note. It fluctuates between different frequencies, and thus the pitch of the sounds changes when the bowl is played. Different accessories also create different sounds or pitches. You can also change the singing bowl's sound by placing it on a cushion or filling it with water. 

In general, smaller bowls (and larger bowls of a specific thickness) produces a higher pitch. Medium bowls emit sounds similar to the human voice. Large bowls (that have a diameter of one foot or more) create powerful vibrations and are very good for grounding.

What is the significance of the different sounds?

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Because different singing bowls emit different frequencies, each will have a slightly different effect on your body and mind. Researchers suggest that Tibetan singing bowls affect both our minds and bodies because they produce binaural beats, which allow us to experience brainwave states of deep relaxation. Different binaural beat frequencies influence your body and mind in a different way

Scientists also believe that the sound waves created when a singing bowl is played could influence our bodies' energy field (or biofield). Because everything in the universe consists of batter at a specific vibration, sound waves played nearby could change those vibrations in our bodies. 

Singing bowls and meditation.

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When used in conjunction with meditation, singing bowls increase relaxation and reduce stress. Because the sounds affect both our minds and our bodies, they have the potential to heal both aspects. 

Tibetan singing bowls allows us to enter a healing sound journey where we can dive deep into our bodies, minds, and souls. This ancient practice encourages healing and growth while providing more profound meditations and physical well-being. 

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