Collection: DharmaKids

How can you meditate or practice yoga with your children?
In the yoga practice, you can find tools and different methods for each person. For both children and adults, yoga and meditation are an incredible practice that feels like love and respect for one's own body.

For example, nighttime meditation or kids' meditation for sleep can generate incredible benefits such as relaxation for kids or mindful moments for kids. Through yoga, kids can learn to live in the moment and focus on the present.

Our DharmaKids collection includes youth meditation cushions and child-sized yoga mats. Our cushions are handmade in our workshop, using organic fabrics in bright colors with sturdy zippers to ensure that children feel comfortable while discovering the different practices of meditation and yoga.

You can also check out our collection of yoga and meditation gifts, and meditation books for kids that will inspire them as they delve into this world.