Collection: Support Cushions

There is no better way to customize your comfort! Support Cushions are perfect for meditators and yogis who need more support while in meditative or yoga positions. Whether you need added height, or extra cushioning, our variety of support cushions will provide additional comfort and flexibility.

We offer an assortment of smaller meditation cushions in sizes and shapes to meet your particular needs for comfort and flexibility while sitting on a zafu and zabuton, chair, or meditation bench.

Some of them are made of the same durable cotton duck fabric that we use for our Studio Collection of meditation cushions and are filled with the same all natural cotton. High quality, and in great colors — we think you'll be pleased.

Enjoy your meditation space comfortably with the different options of Support Cushions that we have, you can find Bench Cushions, Japanese Pillows, Square Cushions, and Organic Floor Cushions, among others.