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108 Bead Crystal Mala with Turquoise & Lapis

108 Bead Crystal Mala with Turquoise & Lapis


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An elegant blend of clear crystal beads, blue lapis lazuli beads, turquoise beads, gold accents, and a blue tassel make up this exquisite crystal mala.

Clear quartz beads (crystal) feature a beautiful glass-like clarity and natural inclusions that add to their beauty. Full of light energy, clear quartz crystal's benefits are primarily energy purification and regulation, allowing you to utilize only those energies which aid you.

Lapis lazuli has ancient and profound ties with Buddhism and healing. It is often associated with the Medicine Buddha (Bhaisajyaguru), who is depicted with skin of the same bright blue color as lapis. Lapis lazuli mala beads are not only beautiful, but powerful meditation aids.

Turquoise is a powerful healing stone that helps to promote energy flow within the body, encouraging spiritual peace, wisdom, and protection against negativity. Turquoise is also considered a beneficial throat chakra stone, helping to open the center of communication in our body.


Size: 16.5" L. Tassel measures 3" L. 8mm beads.


Handmade in Nepal.

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