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3 Stone Oval Ring in Silver

3 Stone Oval Ring in Silver

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A classic 3 stone style lends a vintage feel to these 3 Stone Oval Ring in Silver rings. The combinations of different crystals gives each silver stone ring a unique set of attributes to help you along your spiritual journey and day-to-day life.

Iolite & Blue Topaz

The combination of deep indigo iolite with pale blue topaz creates a stunning cool-colored piece of jewelry. Iolite possesses properties that aid the wearer's mental state, such as enhanced intuition and the ability to visualize goals and intentions. Blue topaz is a stone that effects mind and body by giving both enhanced communication skills and soothing energies.

Rainbow Moonstone

Three iridescent moonstones adorn this ring to make for an eye-catching and stunning piece of jewelry. Everything about this gemstone taps into and enhances your feminine energies, from its connection with the forces of our own moon, to the healing and loving properties that rainbow moonstone is known for.

Garnet & Ruby

The fiery color palette of this red stone ring truly makes it stand out among the crowd. Like their fiery colors, both of these stones are charged with energizing vibrations that seek to invigorate and inspire the wearer. These crimson crystals are associated with strong emotions such as love, creativity, passion, devotion, and vitality.

Available in women's sizes 6 and 7.

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