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5 Stone Ring in Silver

5 Stone Ring in Silver

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5 smalls stones of the same crystal wrap around a skinny silver band in our 5 Stone Ring in Silver. This ring is an excellent choice or gift for those who prefer their jewelry to be more understated, or are looking for a gemstone ring to accent another item of jewelry.


Bright, sunny carnelian helps to energize the wearer in the areas that may need it, as well as tone down negative emotions that are out of hand (such as jealousy, resentment, anger). It is also strongly connected to the yellow chakra: the solar plexus.


Wearing yellow-green peridot is known to have more physical than mental benefits. It is believed to help alleviate minor physical ailments and protect against potential future ones. It helps the body to have better harmony with all of its different parts.


This violet stone is known for its powerful and penetrative energies. Amethyst should be worn by those who could use some help dispelling negative thoughts and need added protection from negative energies.


Available in women's sizes 6 and 7.
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