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Affirmation Tibetan Prayer Flags

Affirmation Tibetan Prayer Flags


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Send healing affirmations into the wind with our Affirmation Tibetan Prayer Flags. As the wind blows, the prayers on each flag are carried into the world, while the rain carries the prayers to the earth. Hanging Buddhist prayer flags is thought to promote good fortune and to dispel danger.

Each of these rainbow prayer flags features a drawing of a lotus flower as it gradually blooms from bud to blossom accompanied by a powerful affirmation mantra. The image of a lotus blossoming is a representation of growth; as we heal, accepting the path of purity, we blossom like the lotus out of the mud.

Visit our blog to learn more about prayer flags.


  • Each flag measures approximately 8" wide x 9.5" long

  • 10-flag strand is 66" (5.5') long

  • Material: Cotton

  • Handmade in Nepal


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