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American Football Salt Lamp

American Football Salt Lamp

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The perfect gift for the sports lover in your life; this American Football Salt Lamp is sure to be a memorable present!

Himalayan rock salt is sculpted and smoothed perfectly into the iconic shape of an American football and attached to a wooden stand. The base has a hidden opening for a lightbulb (included) to be inserted, which turns the salt crystal into a warmly glowing lamp. It can also stand alone as a decoration without the light.

This football lamp would look perfect in any den, bar, "man cave", or wherever you watch the game! Embrace your hobby without losing touch of your spiritual side, or compromising on a zen decor theme with this quirky sports lamp.


  • Includes lightbulb and cord with dimmer switch.

  • Measures: 6.25" x 6.5" x 5"

Note: No two salt rock lamps are the same- each is unique! Due to the fact that all of our salt rock products are made of naturally sourced minerals, variations between size, shape, and color should be expected.

Learn more about salt crystal lamps on our blog.

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