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Animal Metal Incense Holder with Base

Animal Metal Incense Holder with Base


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Our Animal Metal Incense Holder with Base features a small animal figure and a gold scroll-style base. The incense holder figure can be used alone or with the base.

Choose from 3 styles:


Rabbits are a recurring image and character across Japanese and Chinese myths, art, folklore, and culture. White rabbits, in particular, are often associated with the moon.


Legends of dragons - both fearsome and friendly - exist all around the world. These mystical beasts are revered for their reputation of courage, power, and otherworldly abilities.


While modern culture has come to generally associate serpents with deceit and evil, many ancient belief systems, such as Buddhism, associate snakes with rebirth, fertility, and guardianship.



  • Animal figure = 1.25" H

  • Base = 7" L x 1.75" W x .5" H

Material: Mixed metal with bronze-colored finish

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