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Auspicious Symbols Tingsha Bells

Auspicious Symbols Tingsha Bells

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Our beautifully handcrafted pair of Auspicious Symbols Tingsha Bells are designed to promote calmness and focus through sound healing. They boast a crisp, powerful resonance that is neither too loud nor too soft.

Each of these sturdy tingshas is decorated with carvings of the 8 auspicious symbols in Buddhism. These 8 items were the offerings made by other Buddhas when Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. They include: The Throne, The Parasol, The Vase, The Conch, Two Golden Fish, The Eternal Knot, The Lotus Flower, and The Dharma Wheel.

By creating vibrations similar to those made by meditation sound bowls (or singing bowls), the sacred frequencies of tingsha cymbals help to promote inner peace, vibrational healing, and emotional stability. They are ideal for use at the beginning of a group meditation class or solo home meditation session to help all participants ease their minds.

Click the play button below to preview the sound of these tingsha bells:

Size: Each bell measures approximately 2.6" in diameter.

Materials: Made of solid brass with black leather thread.

Handmade in Nepal.

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