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Black Flat Yak Bone Bracelet

Black Flat Yak Bone Bracelet


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While the design of our Black Flat Yak Bone Bracelet is simple, its meaning is one of richness and complexity. This piece represents impermanence, and the cycle of birth and death - two things that hold great significance in Tibetan Buddhism.

The tradition of the yak bone dates back millennia in Tibetan culture. It is not an empty fashion statement, or a form of senseless cruelty, it is a facet of the Himalayan lifestyle, stemming from a deep appreciation for the land, and the human will to persevere under any conditions. 

You can learn more about the story of Tibetan yak bone here.



Adjustable: 2.5" - 4"

Stretchy: 2.5" (one size fits most)


Handmade in Nepal.

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