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Braided Gold Chakra Bracelet

Braided Gold Chakra Bracelet

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Chakra (Color)

Each of these dainty chakra balancing bracelets is adorned with a shining gold charm depicting one of the 7 chakra symbols and is colored to support healthy energy flow of the associated chakra.

The chakras are, collectively, our life force. Each chakra flows energy to a certain center of the body, impacting necessary physical and emotional functions of that area. When they become blocked or misaligned, our body, spirit, and mind cannot function at their full capacities. There is a constant harmony that must be maintained between each of the chakras and our greater selves to achieve the highest state of spiritual wellbeing. Meditation, yoga, engaging the senses, wearing chakra symbols, and Ayurvedic practices can all aid in opening a blocked chakra.

Solar Plexus: Confidence & Inner Strength

Heart Chakra: Love & Emotions

Crown Chakra: Consciousness & Purpose

Throat Chakra: Communication & Expression

Sacral Chakra: Creativity & Desires

Root Chakra: Manifesting & Identity

Third Eye Chakra: Intuition & Mental Clarity


Bracelet Details

  • Chakra charms each measure 12mm across
  • 18kt gold-plated brass charms
  • Adjustable cord measures: smallest- 5-3/8”; largest 11-3/8"
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