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Brass Double Dorje

Brass Double Dorje

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The double dorje (visva vajra) is created when two vajra (dorje) are combined to create an X. On its own, a singular vajra is a ritualistic spiritual weapon that represents the strength of a diamond and energy of a thunderbolt. When 2 are combined, the resulting double dorje is symbol of the potent and indestructible nature of enlightenment. It dispels evil temptation and deception, disperses ignorance, and invites wisdom- thus amplifying personal power.

This sturdy ritual item can be kept on your meditation altar as a protective talisman, or keep it on your person during the day to serve as a reminder of your spiritual strength.

Materials: Solid brass

Size: Measures 4" across at widest point

Handmade in Nepal.
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Marie Juliano-castellano
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good quality double dorje