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Brass Tibetan Kapala Bowl

Brass Tibetan Kapala Bowl

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A kapala bowl (Sanskrit: skull) is a spiritual item used in Buddhist and Hindu tantric rituals, particularly in Tibet and India.

Historically, a kapala cup would be fashioned out of human skull bone as a way to cleanse and hold offerings intended to appease the more wrathful of gods. Unsurprisingly, this element of the tradition has become quite rare in modern times. Instead, newer variations are typically crafted out of ornately decorated metal or ceramic, like this Brass Tibetan Kapala Bowl. The concept of the kapala also serves to remind us of philosophical impermanence, existing as a symbolic detachment of body from mind.

A kapala offering bowl can be incorporated into your meditation rituals as a way to hold various offerings atop your spiritual altar table. In Buddhism, to make a meaningful offering is to "make merit" (Sanskrit: puṇya), a practice which is believed to bring positivity and enlightenment to the devotee.



  • Made of solid brass with painted bowl.

  • Each set consists of 3 pieces: stand, bowl, top.

  • Size: approximately 5" tall and 2.75" wide (at base).

  • Handmade in Nepal.


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