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Bronze Kuan Yin Statue with Willow Branch

Bronze Kuan Yin Statue with Willow Branch

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A beautiful homage to Bodhisattva Kuan Yin, the Buddhist goddess of compassion and mercy. In our Bronze Kuan Yin Statue with Willow Branch, she stands gracefully atop a large lotus flower while wearing flowing hooded robes and gold jewelry.

In one hand, she holds a vessel containing the nectar of compassion, which she uses to relieve the suffering of mortal beings. The other hand contains a willow branch used for medicinal healing. It also symbolizes flexibility; the ability to adapt without breaking. The flaming halo behind her head is a symbol of her divinity.

Sometimes compared to the Christian Virgin Mary, Kuan Yin is worshiped all over the world by Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Her message of peace, compassion, and love - particularly for those less fortunate - grants her a venerability that transcends cultures and religions.

Material: Cold cast bronze

Size: 17.5" H
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