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Buddha with Alms Bowl on Lotus Throne

Buddha with Alms Bowl on Lotus Throne

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Buddha sits, legs crossed, upon the Lotus Throne holding an Alms Bowl. The alms bowl in his hands signifies care and compassion for all beings.

Ancient yogis traditionally adopted this seated position with legs crossed and soles of the feet facing up as a seated meditation position. In this position, Buddha spent lengthy periods in the contemplation and meditation that led to his enlightenment. The exposed feet relate to the release of shame. Although the feet take much wear, they move you forward.

The lotus he sits upon is a symbol of purity. The beautiful flower grows from roots entangled in muddy water. The mud nourishes the plant and represents the muddiness and messiness of human lives. From this muddy suffering, we grow to break free to flourish and bloom on the surface. The lotus also represents the true essence, or collective consciousness.

Material: Lava stone sand from the sacred volcano Gunung Agung on Bali, bonded with concrete. The color is a water based eco paint suitable for outside. The finish will change slowly over time with exposure to rain and sun.

Size: 6.5" x 8.5" x 14"

Made in Bali, Indonesia.

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