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Coconut Wood Mala Bead Set

Coconut Wood Mala Bead Set


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Genuine lightweight coconut wood lends this Coconut Wood Mala Bead Set a natural, simplistic beauty. These natural wooden mala beads feature a complex band pattern that makes each bead unique; no two beads are exactly the same.

Coconut wood is considered a sustainable timber since the plants regrow rapidly and it requires considerably less energy and resources to harvest. In Hinduism, the coconut is part of many sacred rituals - specifically the act of cracking the fruit open. Coconuts are considered to be a symbol of the gods and their gifts to humankind. To crack the coconut is to symbolically smash ones ego, releasing ignorance and negativity like the coconut water flows out of the cracked fruit.

The Rudraksha bead (guru) is another sacred Hindu symbol, which represents Lord Shiva himself. Rudraksha seed malas are a favorite among practitioners of Hinduism, bringing blessings of healing and protection to the wearer.


Wrist mala: 2.5" diameter. Stretchy; one size fits most.

Neck mala: 17" long

8mm beads. 11mm guru bead.


Handmade in Nepal.

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