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Dark Bodhi Seed Mala

Dark Bodhi Seed Mala


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Mala prayer beads are used during meditation as a way to count mantras and prayers.

The Dark Bodhi Seed Mala is a simplistic yet substantial Buddhist prayer necklace crafted from authentic bodhi seeds. Each of its 108 richly-colored seed beads is flecked with natural marks of imperfection.

Buddha and the Bodhi Tree

As the legend goes, Buddha sat under the bodhi tree for 49 days of nonstop meditation, forgoing even sleep, food, and water. On the 49th day, that is when Buddha attained enlightenment.

For this reason, the bodhi tree, and all of its consequent parts (seeds, leaves, etc.) are associated with the concept of attaining wisdom and reaching enlightenment. To meditate with bodhi seeds in hand is to follow in the path of the enlightened one, deepening your concentration and guiding your heart.


Materials: 108 genuine bodhi seed beads on brown string.

Size: Measures approximately 20" in length with a fixed knot. Beads are 12mm each with a 16mm guru bead.

Please note: Seed malas, like lotus seed and bodhi seed, can expand and crack when they get wet. We recommend that you remove your mala before showering, swimming, exercising, or similar activities.


Handmade in Nepal.
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