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Porcelain Thai Buddha Statue

Porcelain Thai Buddha Statue


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At nearly 16" tall, the Porcelain Thai Buddha Statue is a magnificent centerpiece for any Buddhist meditation shrine.

This elegant and slender Buddha statue is based on the style of Buddhist art created by the Sukhothai Kingdom. This civilization existed during the 13th-15th century, occupying much of what is modern-day Thailand. Features such as his long, slender hands and limbs, oval-shaped face, and pointed, flame-like ushnisha (shape on top of Buddha's head) are all traits of the Sukhothai style.

He is also performing the Earth Witness Mudra (Bhumisparsha) - the action Buddha performed in the exact moment he attained enlightenment.


Size: 11" W x 7.5" D x 15.5" H

Material: Blanc de Chine (Dehua Porcelain)

Blanc de Chine, which translates to "white of China", is a term used to describe a type of fine, white glazed ceramics made in Dehua county in China.

Comes in a beautiful and sturdy storage/gift box.

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