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Eco Organic Eye Pillow in Sunshine

Eco Organic Eye Pillow in Sunshine

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The Eco Organic Eye Pillow in Sunshine is a small but mighty addition to any yoga or meditation routine. Our weighted eye pillows help to block out light while the gentle pressure they provide creates sensations of calmness and relaxation.

Choose to add a sprinkle of all-natural dried lavender flower buds to turn your regular eye pillow into a soothing aromatherapy tool.

Ways to Use a Yoga Eye Pillow

  • During yoga: When winding down at the end of your yoga routine, place our eye pillow on your eyes or forehead during savasana (corpse pose) to help you better relax while focusing your mind and body on the impact of your routine.

  • For sleep: Use the aromatherapy eye pillow while preparing for sleep by placing it on your face while you lay on your back in bed. The light blocking effect of the pillow combined with the calming fragrance of lavender will help you drift quickly and peacefully into a deep sleep.

  • As a migraine/ tension reliever: Stress, anxiety, headaches, and migraines can all be linked to tension in the face and neck. The gentle weight of an eye pillow helps to alleviate this tension by blocking light and stimulating facial nerves.

Measurements: 9" L x 4" W

Filling: 100% natural flax seeds and dried lavender flower buds (optional).

Cover: This eye pillow is part of our line of Eco Organic Meditation Cushions. The fabric used for these cushions is made of durable 9 oz., certified 100% organic cotton duck fabric, colored using eco-friendly, low-impact dyes.

Visit our blog to learn more: "What an Eye Pillow is & How to Use One".

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