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Eight Auspicious Symbols Bell & Dorje

Eight Auspicious Symbols Bell & Dorje


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The bell and dorje are a pair of sacred spiritual tools used in Tibetan Buddhism and sound healing meditation. Traditionally, the bell is held in the left hand and is a feminine symbol of wisdom, while the dorje (vajra) is held in the right hand as a masculine symbol of compassionate strength. Together, they are a powerful symbol of unity within dualities.

To use this meditation tool, hold the bell and dorje close to your heart in the aforementioned hands. Strike the bell gently with the dorje and allow its sound to resonate, feeling its vibrations deep within your chest. The bell boasts a crisp chime with strong reverb that sounds similar to a mid-size singing bowl.

The bell is inscribed with the 8 Tibetan auspicious symbols, which represent the offerings that were made by the gods to the Buddha after he attained enlightenment

Click the play button below to preview the sound of this Tibetan bell and dorje set:



  • Bell size: 7" tall, 3.7" W at base

  • Dorje size: 4.5" L x 1.5" W at widest point

  • Material: Pure brass


Handmade in Nepal.
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