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Eiju Japanese Incense Sticks

Eiju Japanese Incense Sticks

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Order a supply of your favorite Eiju Incense Stick Rolls with our 10-roll box, or sample each fragrance by ordering a single sample roll!

"Eiju" (永寿) is the Japanese word that means "long life". Eiju Incense Stick Rolls seek to enhance your own eiju by encouraging you to meditate and relax. When we take a moment each day from our busy lives to contemplate our purpose and spiritual intentions, we are able to remain connected and grounded with ourselves.

Jinkoh Eiju

Traditional earthy aloeswood fragrance.

Kyara Eiju

Finely crafted aloeswood incense made with rare kyara wood- the finest of all aloeswood.

Eiju Sandalwood

The classic woody fragrance of spiritual sandalwood.


  • Available as sample or 10 roll box.

  • Burn time of approximately 30-minutes per stick.

  • Sticks measure 5.5" long.

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