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Feng Shui Cat

Feng Shui Cat

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The Feng Shui Cat, also known as the fortune cat, aids in attracting luck and good fortune wherever you go. Each ornament color represents different types of good fortune and harmony, so collect each to fully complete balance in all fortune.

Feng Shui creates an energy that allows you to be harmonious with your surroundings. Different colors invite in different energies, and thus, when placing a specific color Feng Shui cat in your space, it would amplify these areas in your life.

Read our "Behind the Feng Shui Cat" page for a more detailed description on what each color represents.

Each Feng Shui Cat measures 2.5" l x 2" w x 2.25" h.

Made in Japan.

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  • Meditation Room

    Step into your sanctuary, where tranquility reigns supreme. Within the Meditation Room, immerse yourself in an oasis of serenity, embracing a harmonious blend of peace and balance. Let the tranquil ambiance envelop you, guiding your journey toward inner bliss and profound calmness.

  • Meditation Corner

    Indulge in the serene ambiance of your Meditation Corner, a sanctuary dedicated to fostering inner peace and harmony. Amidst the gentle embrace of stillness, allow your mind to unwind, finding clarity and solace. Let this sacred space be your refuge, where you can nourish your soul.

  • Sacred Space

    Step into the sanctuary of the Sacred Space, a haven where silence speaks the unspoken truths of the heart. Within its embrace, discover the tranquil path towards serenity, draw upon the wellspring of inner strength, and embark on a journey of profound spiritual transformation.