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Foo Dog Garden Statues, White

Foo Dog Garden Statues, White

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Alert sentinels, this pair of Foo Dogs (Fu Dogs) will guard the entrance to your home or garden as they have guarded temples and sacred buildings for centuries.

First appearing in Chinese artwork as early as 208 BC (Han Dynasty), Foo Dogs date back to the beginnings of Buddhism. Despite the name, Foo Dog statues more closely resemble lions. The lion is a Buddhist symbol of strength, regality, and power. It is not a coincidence that the Buddha was known to lie on his side in a lion posture (sihasana), with one hand under his head and his feet placed one on top of the other. In fact, Buddha's teachings were often referred to as the "Lion's Roar."

The naming of the Foo Dog is believed to have derived from the Chinese word, "Fo," for "Buddha." Over the years, Foo Dogs have also been referred to as Celestial Dogs (protector of the heavens) and Happiness Dogs. Foo Dogs make excellent gifts, and were often presented as gifts to Emperors.

Foo Dogs often come in pairs—one male and one female. The male Foo Dog's left foot is raised and sits upon the world, protecting worldly possessions and success. The female's right foot rests upon the belly of a baby Foo Dog, protecting home and family. They are placed with their raised foot on the inside so that world and family remain safe. It is also believed that the threatening countenance of the Foo Dog serves to discourage any evil spirits from entering whatever premises they may be guarding.

Made of weatherproof bonded stone with light antique patina. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Set of 2

Size: Each statue is 7" w x 11" d x 18" h

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Ellen Hannigan

I am so glad I bought these foo dogs, they are even better looking in person than in the pictures. These elegant sculptures add an air of elegance and serenity to your home or garden. Definitely would buy again.


I have wanted these foo dogs for a long time. I am so glad I finally purchased them. They are a good weight, and larger than I thought they would be. I am VERY happy with my purchase! Thank you!