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Green Stones 3 Ring Set in Silver

Green Stones 3 Ring Set in Silver

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Our Green Stones 3 Ring Set in Silver features three individual rings that each feature a singular green crystal. The three skinny silver bands are held together by a small piece of metal so that the powers of these three combined crystals will never be divided.

Peridot is thought to bring good physical health and soothing energies.

Apatite is a stone that comes in many colors, such as the blue-green shade featured in this ring set. Its healing properties are believed to penetrate deep into the spirit, allowing for negative thoughts and worries to be alleviated and for confidence and extroversion to take their place.

Prehnite is another gem commonly associated with overall healing energies and inner confidence. It is sometimes called "the healer's stone" because its vibrations don't just permeate the wearer, but those around them as well.


Available in women's sizes 6 and 7.

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