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Hand Woven Wool Prayer Shawl - Crimson

Hand Woven Wool Prayer Shawl - Crimson


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Wrap yourself lightly in traditional comfort and warmth. Our oversized, fringed prayer shawl will envelop your body and protect you from cold drafts. It is hand woven by Tibetan refugees living in India from lightweight wool that is finely woven, soft, and non-irritating.

Crimson color.

Measures 40" W x 96" L.

Made in India.

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderfully soft and a nice weight. Rich color. Just what I hoped for!

Perfect shawl

this is the most wonderful shawl. It is very warm, comfortable, and large enough to completely cover you when sitting in practice. It is soft and pleasing to the touch. I take it when I travel, and even use it for reading and resting. I love it, and am purchasing one for my daughter-in-law. I support the Tibetan refuges in any way I can, and this prayer shawl touches my heart.