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Kneeling Tara Garden Statue

Kneeling Tara Garden Statue

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This Tārā has the lovely, quiet, and focused energy of making an offering. Place a candle, flowers, or whatever you like on her offering tray. Within Tibetan Buddhism Tara is regarded as a bodhisattva of compassion and action- the same as Quan Yin. She is the female aspect of Avalokiteśvara and, in some origin stories, she comes from his tears. When he cried in despair at not being able to honor his promise to save all beings, Tara sprang from his tears to help him. Tara then resolved to save all beings and to become enlightened herself.

Size: 17" tall

Material: Lava stone sand from the sacred volcano Gunung Agung on Bali, bonded with concrete

Patina: The color is a water based eco paint suitable for outside. The finish will change slowly over time with exposure to rain and sun.

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