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Kyara Momoyama Premium Aloeswood Incense

Kyara Momoyama Premium Aloeswood Incense

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Kyara Momoyama Premium Aloeswood Incense is a deluxe and mystifying incense that is more of an experience than just a fragrance. This premium incense is perfect for ceremonial use, special occasions, and sacred holidays.

The entire production process for this Japanese incense is extremely precise and follows traditional methods that go back hundreds of years. Kyara is the highest grade of aloeswood there is. It is harvested at select times of the year in a select region in Vietnam, then turned into incense by skilled craftsmen.

The name of this incense, "Momoyama" comes from a historical time period in Japan, just before the Edo period. The Momoyama period took place circa 1575-1600, and while lesser known than the Edo period, was an influential and extravagant time period for the island nation. The Momoyama era is known for an influx of extravagant and decadent art and architecture, such as the famous Hijemi castle that was built during this period. This incense takes inspiration from this unique time in Japan's history in order to create an incense product that is luxurious and steeped in Japanese tradition.


Long Stick

Includes approximately 60 sticks of incense that are finely bundled in printed paper wrapping and wooden box.

Approximately 45 minute burn time.

Sticks each measure about 8.5" long.

Regular Stick

Includes approximately 115 sticks of incense in a fabric covered box with gold foil detailing.

Approximately 25 minute burn time.

Sticks each measure about 5.5" long.

Short Stick (Gift Set)

Includes approximately 36 sticks of incense, collectable wooden booklet-style box, and ceramic incense burner stand.

Approximately 13 minute burn time.

Sticks each measure about 2.25" long.

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