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Nepali Loose Leaf Teas - Sample Collection

Nepali Loose Leaf Teas - Sample Collection

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Organic Loose Leaf Tea Collection

Explore a variety of exquisite Nepali teas with our Nepali Loose Leaf Teas Sample Collection! This organic tea variety pack is ideal for someone who is new to tea and wants to see what kinds they like, enjoys having a variety of teas to choose from, or as a gift for a tea lover in your life.

These wellness teas are sourced from Nepal using certified organic ingredients grown in the foothills of Mt. Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world, in the eastern part of Nepal. Tea grown in the unique high altitude gardens of the Himalayas boasts a flavor and aroma unlike any other.

Each tea gift set includes 11 sample-sized packets, each of a different flavor, for a total of 4.5 oz. of tea (approx. 25-30 cups worth). Set comes in a zippered orange purse with embroidered mandala design that is handmade by Nepali locals.


What's Included:

  • Ganesha Green - Ganesha Green is a mild, medium-bodied organic green tea with prominent marine flavors, such as kelp and seaweed. A low caffeine content with hints of nutty and woody flavor make this the ideal evening relaxation beverage.
  • Kanchanjangha Verde - A mellow and grassy premium organic green tea. Delicate floral and nutty flavors make this green tea blend ideal for those who are wary of the astringency commonly found in many green teas. Features a low caffeine content.

  • Silver Yeti - Crisp and airy like the snow of the Himalayan peaks, this refreshing white tea blend is smooth enough for any taste or time of day. Subtle florals, fruits, and grasses create an irresistible flavor blend in this low caffeine white tea.

  • White Prakash - This mild organic white tea is pure both in color and ingredients. Sweetened with hints of vanilla and floral, this brew is sure to please any palette. Features a low caffeine content.
  • Kanchanjangha Noir - A bold and dark premium organic black tea blend with a high caffeine content. This brew features a notably woody, malty flavor with slightly sweet notes of berries and dark chocolate for an unforgettably rich flavor experience.

  • Kumari Gold - A medium to full-bodied organic black tea featuring caramel and baked fruit flavors for a long-lasting finish. Features a high caffeine content.

  • Shangri-La Oolong - Spicy, sweet, and full-bodied, this complex organic oolong tea blend teeters on black tea flavor. Features a medium caffeine content.
  • Buddha's Blend - A well-rounded, low caffeine, organic white tea blend that is good for the mind, body, and soul. Includes coriander, cardamom, orange peel, cinnamon, cinnamon bark, Sichuan pepper, ginger, cloves, rose petals, and bachelor's buttons petals. 
  • Nepali Breakfast - An uplifting, medium caffeine content, organic spiced black tea with a bit of 'zing'. Made with Kanchanjangha Noir organic black tea, ginger, black cardamom, cinnamon leaf, and black pepper.
  • Kathmandu Cosmos - A sweet and spicy organic chai black tea blend inspired by Ayurveda. Made with organic golden tips black tea (Kumari Gold), regular SFTGFOP black tea, ginger, black cardamom, lemongrass, cinnamon leaves, and orange peel. Features a low caffeine content.
  • Mystique Mélange - A zesty and fruity organic green tea blend made with Kanchanjangha Verde organic green tea, ginger, cinnamon leaf, orange peel, mint, and lemongrass. A mélange of flavors to note in every sip. Features a low caffeine content.

Some flavors are available in full size pouches. See product images for brewing instructions.

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