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Lotus Seed & Carnelian Mantra Mala

Lotus Seed & Carnelian Mantra Mala


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Our Lotus Seed & Carnelian Mantra Mala combines a variety of sacred materials, resulting in a unique mala bead necklace that is both elegant in appearance and deep in symbolism.

Lotus seed beads, sourced from the auspicious lotus plant, are a sacred symbol in both Buddhist culture and wider Asian culture. Not only is the plant beautiful, but it is viewed as a representation of perseverance through adversity, and purity amongst temptation. Learn more about lotus flower symbolism on our blog.

Carnelian is considered an excellent gemstone for new beginnings, because it is known to bring about courage, motivation, and vitality - like many fire element gemstones. This enlivens oneself with the courage required to enter new situations with optimism and confidence.

Each carnelian mala bead is also painted with the great compassion mantra, which beckons the mercy and blessings of Boddhisattva Avalokiteshvara to purify the mind, body, and surroundings.

Size: 17" long.

Handmade in Nepal.

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