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Mahakala White Bone Bracelet

Mahakala White Bone Bracelet


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Mahakala is a fierce and wrathful protector buddha in Tibetan Buddhism. In Hindu faith, he is a manifestation of the mighty Shiva.

The Mahakala White Bone Bracelet features flat, disc-shaped beads made of yak bone with evil eye accent beads - another powerful protection symbol. It is finished with a single hand-carved bead depicting the face of the mighty Mahakala Buddha.

Tibetans utilize the yak in almost every aspect in daily life, from transportation to making clothing and food. The use of yak bone in ritual items, such as prayer malas, is a way to show appreciation for all the animal provides while not letting any part of it go to waste. It also serves to remind the Tibetan people of the concept of impermanence (anicca) and the cycle of birth and death. You can more about yak bone jewelry here.

About Mahakala

While his appearance can vary, the wrath of Mahakala consistently translates into his fearsome visage. He is commonly depicted with additional arms and eyes, baring his sharp teeth while surrounded by massive flames that devour all ignorance.

Mahakala's wrath should not be mistaken for evil, though. He does not seek to do harm, rather he functions as a relentless guardian who eliminates evil spirits, negative energy, and all that which threatens the Truth of the Dharma.

Materials: Genuine Himalayan yak bone

Size: 2.5". Stretchy; one size fits most. 13mm beads.

Handmade in Nepal.

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