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Medicine Buddha Incense Set

Medicine Buddha Incense Set


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This beautifully packaged Medicine Buddha Incense Set includes approximately 30 healing incense sticks, specially designed to replicate the healing blessings of Medicine Buddha (Bhaisajyaguru), or the "Blue Buddha". This set includes a small lotus flower incense holder and features a genuine dried Himalayan flower on the box.

 The carefully cultivated blend of herbs used to create this incense offering aids in combating tension, stress, and anxiety while promoting wellness. Its pleasant aroma is characterized by earthy and woody notes.



  • Box measures 6.75" L x 2.6" W x 1.35" D.

  • Incense holder measures approximately 2" in diameter.

  • Contains approximately 30 sticks of fragrant incense.

  • Each stick measures 6" in length.

  • Made with only the finest natural herbs. Non-toxic.

Handmade in Nepal.
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