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Mini Turquoise Buddha Statues - Set of 5

Mini Turquoise Buddha Statues - Set of 5

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Set of 5 Mini Turquoise Buddha Statues to line up anywhere throughout your home or on your altar, workplace, car, carry in a travel bag, purse, etc. for a constant, miniature presence that represents your strong faith and Buddha's positive energies. Each Buddha is posed performing a different mudra and holding various objects.

  • Meditating Buddha
  • Teaching of Fearlessness (Abhaya Mudra)
  • Gesture of Compassion (Dhyana Mudra)
  • Teaching of Dharma (Dharmachakra Mudra) 
  • Earth Witness (Bhumisparsha Mudra)


Size: Each statue is ~2" tall. 

Handmade in Nepal.


Please Note: Depictions of the Buddha should be treated with respect. Avoid placing statues of him in bathrooms, directly on the floor, in dirty/ cluttered/ dusty spaces, spots where it may be knocked over/ damaged, etc.

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