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Onyx Candle Holder with Lid

Onyx Candle Holder with Lid

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This Onyx Candle Holder is a beautiful piece of decor for anywhere in your home or sacred space, and features a convenient removable lid. Onyx stone is a form of quartz that is said to heighten intuition and focus during meditation sessions.

When a candle is inside, this marble pillar candle holder creates a warm and natural ambiance while also protecting the flame. This piece can also be used as a decorative jar, or to hold trinkets, jewelry, and similar items.

How to Use:

  1. Burn a small wax candle inside (when the lid is off). The lid can be placed under the candle holder as a pedestal.

  2. Place a small battery-operated candle inside the pillar candle, then it can be used with the lid on or off. This creates a lovely warm glow throughout the piece.

  3. Keep it on your meditation altar or bedside table to old trinkets, keepsakes, mala beads, and more.


    Size: 3" W x 3" L x 4" H

    Please note: Given the nature of the natural material it is made of, each of these stone candle holders is unique.


    Made in Bali.

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