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Filigree Chest Style Locket Ring in Silver

Filigree Chest Style Locket Ring in Silver

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Our Filigree Chest Style Locket Ring in Silver is a beautifully unique piece of wearable art that makes for a meaningful gift to oneself or a loved one.

The chest locket that sits atop a silver band and can be opened to be filled with whatever your heart desires. Write a mantra or prayer on tiny piece of paper to keep folded inside the ring to be read when you need its blessings- similar to turning a prayer wheel.

Or, fill the ring with your own spiritual powers of love, healing, or wisdom- able to be released into the world when you see fit. Simply carrying whatever you have chosen to fill this locket ring with will serve as a constant reminder of its calming presence.


Available in women's sizes 6 and 7.

Made by skilled artisans in Thailand.

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