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Patina & Gold Tara Buddha Statue

Patina & Gold Tara Buddha Statue

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With its uniquely colorful design, this Patina & Gold Tara Buddha Statue statue of Bodhisttva Tara is a stunning addition to your outdoor meditation space. Goddess of Compassion Tara sits in the royal ease (lalitasana) pose - a symbol of her regal status - and is finished with a copper, gold, and painted green patina.

She is the female aspect of Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara and, in some origin stories, she is said to have been born from his tears. Realizing he was unable to honor his promise to save all beings, he cried out in a moment of deep despair. From the tears, a lotus flower blossomed containing goddess Tara, who vowed to save all beings as well as to become enlightened as well.

Material: Painted concrete

Size: 7" L x 9" W x 18" H 


Made in Bali, Indonesia.

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