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Porcelain Meditating Buddha Statue

Porcelain Meditating Buddha Statue


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A lovely and simplistic Porcelain Meditating Buddha Statue, designed to bring protection and positivity into your home or meditation space.

In this piece, Buddha is demonstrating a powerful and well-known mudra (hand gesture): the Cosmic Mudra, or Dhyana Mudra. This gesture of meditation is performed by those wishing to deepen their meditation by reaching the utmost level of concentration. He is also seated atop a lotus throne, a symbol of his pure and enlightened state.

Placing this porcelain Buddha figurine atop your meditation altar helps to inspire deep contemplation while eliminating self-doubts and distractions during your daily meditation routine.

Comes in a beautiful and sturdy storage/gift box.

Size: 8" W x 6" D x 10.5" H

Material: Blanc de Chine (Dehua Porcelain)

Blanc de Chine, which translates to "white of China", is a term used to describe a type of fine, white glazed ceramics made in Dehua county in China.

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