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Handheld Prayer Wheel

Handheld Prayer Wheel

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Buddhist prayer wheels are cylindrical objects, typically made of wood and/ or metal, with prayers or mantras inscribed on them. They are a significant element of worship in Tibetan Buddhism, where they are known as "mani wheels". Tibetans believe that by spinning the wheel, the inscribed prayer is spread out into the world where it helps to bring the user good karma and spread the positive energies and effects of the inscribed mantra to the world.

Unlike typical affixed prayer wheels, these ornate handheld Tibetan prayer wheels are able to be carried and used anywhere and any time that their blessings are needed. 


  • Small prayer wheel measures approximately 8.5" long
  • Medium prayer wheel measures approximately 10" long
  • Big prayer wheel measures approximately 11" long

All Handheld Prayer Wheels come with complete prayer mantra inside.

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